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蔡杰进 通讯作者 核动力工程 2014-02-01 EI
2 Design & optimization of two breeding thorium-uranium mixed SCWR fuel assemblies 蔡杰进 通讯作者 Progress of Nuclear Energy 2014-01-01 SCI,EI
3 Three-dimension simulation of bubble behavior under nonlinear oscillation 蔡杰进 通讯作者 Annals of Nuclear Energy 2014-01-01 SCI,EI
4 The multi-dimensional limiters for discontinuous Galerkin method on unstructured grids 李万爱 第一作者 Computers&Fluids 2013-12-18 SCI
5 震动加速度作用下的气泡行为数值模拟研究 蔡杰进 通讯作者 热力发电 2013-12-01
6 Neutronic and thermohydraulic characteristics of a new breeding thorium-uranium mixed SCWR fuel assembly 蔡杰进 通讯作者 Annals of Nuclear Energy 2013-12-01 EI,SCI
7 Various startup system designs of HPLWR and their thermal analysis 蔡杰进 通讯作者 Nuclear Engineering and Design 2013-12-01 SCI,EI
8 Convergence Analysis of Neutronic/Thermohydraulic Coupling Behavior of SCWR 蔡杰进 通讯作者 Nuclear Engineering and Design 2013-12-01 SCI,EI
9 Buffering and Trapping Ultrashort Optical Pulses in Concatenated Bragg Gratings 刘忆琨 通讯作者 Optics Letter 2013-12-01 SCI
10 Single-neutron excitations in 18N 袁岑溪 第一作者 PHYSICAL REVIEW C 2013-10-13 SCI
11 基于粒子群优化算法的压水堆换料优化初步研究 蔡杰进 通讯作者 核动力工程 2013-10-01 EI
12 震动条件下水中气泡上升过程的试验研究 蔡杰进 第一作者 热力发电 2013-10-01
13 A two-stage optimal planning and design method for combined cooling, heat and power microgrid system 蔡杰进 通讯作者 Energy Conversion and Management 2013-10-01 SCI,EI
14 压痕断裂方法测量断裂韧性的有限元模拟及有效性检验 张纯禹 第一作者 2013 全国 MTS 断裂测试学术研讨会 2013-09-03
15 基于OpenFOAM的气泡上升特性数值模拟研究 蔡杰进 第一作者 热力发电 2013-09-01
16 Critical edge behavior in  the modified Jacobi ensemble and Painleve V transcendents 徐帅侠 第一作者 Journal of mathematical Physics 2013-09-01 SCI
17 A General Inverse Analysis Method for Identifying Multiple Parameters from Indentation Measurements 张纯禹 第一作者 2013全国力学大会论文集 2013-08-03
18 Extracting the elastic moduli of the constituent layers of a multilayered thin film from nanoindentation tests 张纯禹 第一作者 J Mater Res 2013-08-03 SCI
19 4维辛流形的高亏格Gromov-Witten不变量的一个blowup公式 戚晓霞 第一作者 数学进展 2013-07-31
20 Neutronics Assessment of Thorium-based Fuel Assembly in SCWR 蔡杰进 通讯作者 Nuclear Engineering and Design 2013-07-01 SCI,EI
21 Meso-mechanical Study of Collapse and Fracture Behaviors of  Closed-cell Metallic Foams 张纯禹 第一作者 Comput Mater Sci 2013-05-03 SCI
22 Vibrational stability of graphene 胡杨凡 第一作者 AIP ADVANCES 2013-05-02 SCI
23 Nonrecurrence of exp(z)/z 詹国平 第一作者 Acta Mathematica Sinica, English Series 2013-04-06 SCI
24 Configuration mixing effects in neutron-rich carbon isotopes 袁岑溪 第一作者 Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2013-03-25 EI,ISTP
25 微波法制备锂硫电池正极材料硫化镍 韩东梅 第一作者 电池 2013-02-20
26 Asymptotics of Discrete Painleve V transcendents via the Riemann-Hilbert approach 徐帅侠 第一作者 STUDIES IN APPLIED MATHEMATICS 2013-02-19 SCI
27 Computer simulation study of nanoparticle interaction with a lipid membrane under mechanical stress 赖侃 第一作者 Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2013-01-07 SCI
28 Mechanical characteristics of human red blood cell membrane change due to C60 nanoparticle infiltration 张潇悦 第一作者 Phys.Chem. Chem. Phys 2013-01-06 SCI
29 Estimation of the elasto-plastic properties of metallic materials from micro-hardness measurements 张纯禹 第一作者 J Mater Sci 2013-01-03 SCI
30 Studies of fuel loading pattern optimization for a typical pressurized water reactor (PWR) using improved pivot particle swarm method 蔡杰进 通讯作者 Annals of Nuclear Energy 2012-12-10 SCI,EI
32 Blow-up流形的Gromov-Witten不变量的一个为零定理 戚晓霞 第一作者 中山大学学报自然科学版 2012-07-25
34 Global weak solutions for a periodic two-component Hunter-Saxton system 关春霞 第一作者 Quarterly of applied mathematics 2012-06-01 SCI
35 Applying support vector machine to predict the critical heat flux in concentric-tube open thermosiphon 蔡杰进 第一作者 Annals of Nuclear Energy 2012-05-10 SCI,EI
36 Analysis of Coupled Flutter of Parallel Plates in Axial Flow by Using Monolithic Finite Element Method 张纯禹 第一作者 Int. Jnl. of Multiphysics 2012-05-03 EI
37 Thermal-hydraulic stability analysis of supercritical water-cooled fast reactors 蔡杰进 第一作者 The 3rd China-Canada Joint Workshop on Supercritical Water-Cooled Reactors 2012-04-18
38 Identification of the hardening behavior of solids described by three-parameter Voce law using spherical indentation 张纯禹 第一作者 J Mater Res 2012-04-03 SCI
39 Compliant substrate controlling the phase diagrams of multiferroic multilayers 胡杨凡 第一作者 International Journal of Engineering Science 2012-04-01
40 Predicting the critical heat flux in concentric-tube open thermosiphon: A method based on support vector machine optimized by chaotic particle swarm optimization algorithm 蔡杰进 第一作者 Heat and Mass Transfer 2012-03-10 SCI,EI
41 A hybrid FCASO-SQP method for solving the economic dispatch problems with valve-point effects 蔡杰进 第一作者 Energy 2012-02-10 SCI,EI
42 A hybrid CPSO-SQP method for economic dispatch considering the valve-point effects 蔡杰进 第一作者 Energy Conversion and Management 2012-01-10 SCI,EI
43 A fuzzy adaptive chaotic ant swarm optimization for economic dispatch 蔡杰进 第一作者 International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems 2012-01-10 SCI,EI
44 Domain structures of ferroelectric thin film controlled by oxidizing atmosphere 马德才 第一作者 Applied Physics Letters 2011-10-07 SCI
45 Global weak solutions and smooth solutions for a two-component Hunter-Saxton system 关春霞 第一作者 JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS 2011-10-01 SCI
46 Universality for eigenvalue correlations from the unitary ensemble associated with a family of singular weights 徐帅侠 第一作者 Journal of Mathematical Physics 2011-09-23 SCI
48 Painleve XXXIV asymptotics of orthogonal polynomials for the Gaussian weight with a jump at the edge 徐帅侠 第一作者 Studies in Applied Mathematics 2011-07-30 SCI
49 Positive weighted pseudo-almost periodic solutions to infinite delay integral equation 张留伟 第一作者 Annals of Differential Equations 2011-05-20
50 Resurgence relation and global asymptotic analysis of orthogonal polynomials via the Riemann-Hilbert approach 徐帅侠 第一作者 中国科学 2011-04-30 SCI
51 Global existence and blow-up phenomena for an integrable two-component Camassa–Holm shallow water system 关春霞 第一作者 Journal of Differential Equations 2010-04-01 SCI
52 一种新型含氟含芴聚芳醚酮质子交换膜的合成和表征 韩东梅 第一作者 膜科学与技术 2010-02-25
53 Surface and size effect on phase diagrams of ferroelectric thin films 马德才 第一作者 Applied Physics Letter 2009-12-28 SCI
54 Growth and optical properties of Zn:Ce:Cu:LiNbO3 single crystals 马德才 第一作者 Solid State Electronics 2008-05-15 SCI
55 Influence of post-treatment on optical properties of Sc:Ce:Cu:LiNbO3 crystals. 马德才 第一作者 Modern Physics Letters B 2007-04-15 SCI
56 Growth and studies of optical properties of double-doped In:Fe:LiTaO3 crystal 马德才 第一作者 Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 2006-12-15 SCI
57 Phase diagram of ferroelectric nanowires and its mechanical force controllability 林少鹏 第一作者 Applied Physics Letters 2010 SCI
58 Direct femtosecond pulse compression with miniature-sized Bragg cholesteric liquid crystal 刘忆琨 通讯作者 optics letters 2013
59 Prediction of creep properties of fiber reinforced closed-cell metallic foams 张纯禹 第一作者 Mech. Adv. Mater. Struc. DOI:10.1080/15376494.2012.707305 2012 SCI

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